Demon Sitting

Pro Tip


If a little kid draws something and you see it but can’t tell what it is don’t guess at what it is or ask “what is that” because it totally discourages them because they think it’s a bad drawing

Instead ask them if they’ll tell you about their drawing, it gives them a chance to tell you what it is and the parts of it that are important to them and you don’t make them feel bad

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Did kayley’s hair this morning.

Ty: Chicken doesn't come from chickens! *offended by what Mulan is implying*

Me: Yes, it does.

Ty: No! It doesn't!

Me: Then where does it come from?

Ty: Kroger, duh!

Took the kids to see Dragons 2 today

Hiccup takes off his helmet.

Kayley: Wow...just wow.

Me: What?

Kayley: He grew up really good.

Me: He's way too old and animated for you.

Kayley: I'll be a cartoon.

“Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay.”
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Wizard Tracks

Ty: look! Wizard tracks!

Me: what?

Ty points out holes in the mud from a walking stick: see? From the old wizard guy's walking stick! What was his name? He has a white horse. Grandpa?

Me: Gandalf?

Ty: yeah! He's been here!

Long Daddy weekend means looooong nanny week.

Thirty minutes in we’ve already had several fights and two timeouts.

Always A Nanny


Going out to lunch with friends and getting a bunch of napkins just in case and cleaning spills off the table with lightening speed.

It’s ok to be selfish


You have to take care of yourself once in a while. Especially if you take care of others for a living.