Demon Sitting

So Kayley got home from school yesterday and informed me  that “You’re 25 now. Soon you’ll be old. If you’re going to have sex you should probably do that soon.” Later when we went to the pool she kept nudging me and nodding toward the really cute life guard. She’s really struggling to grasp that A my love life is none of her business and B I have zero interest in dating or having sex. Though she fully agrees that I don’t have to have children. 

nurturing souls


we need to learn to stop apologizing for saying no to requests to caring for others when we ourselves feel worn out.
we need to learn it’s alright to be a little bit selfish at times and take care of ourselves.
after all, how else can you be able to care for others if you aren’t cared for yourself?

remember to love yourself! ❤💙💚💛💜

Asked several times this summer what the plan was once the kids start school. Becky avoided and ignored the subject at every turn. Today is Ty’s second day of Kindergarten and FINALLY she says that we need to work out a new schedule. Color me irritated please. 







"Kinetic Sand"


dos it come in other colors?

5 cups of extra fine sand

2 1/2 cups of cornstarch

1 cup of water/baby oil

Add food coloring, chalk paint, or glitter to add color

Where do you buy the sand? Craft store?

Home Depot/Lowes, some hardware stores, usually bigger craft stores

(via wolfwisher)

Me: You nervous Ty?

Ty: No, I just wish Kayley could stay with me all day and show me where stuff is.

Kayley hugs him: I will walk you to class but then I have to go upstairs. I'll just be upstairs in my class. You'll be okay then we'll ride the bus home together and Sarah will be here.

Me: Plus its been a long time since Sissy was in kindergarten. She doesn't know where stuff is anymore either.

Kayley: Nope, but I had your teacher. She's really nice. She'll show you around.

Ty: Okay!

Watching Frozen

Ty: more girls should punch boys off boats. Then maybe boys wouldn't be such jerks.

Me: if we did that boys would drown all the time.

Ty: well that's what they get

I have a seriously grumpy kid this morning. Can’t wait for Becky to leave so he drops the attitude. He used the F word on her this morning before I got here. Why is it one day with his parent can completely ruin him for a week?

Ty: Can we go and ride our 4Wheelers now?

Me: Is your room clean?

Ty: You can go check if you want. Just don't do it right now.

Me: OK I'll do it in 2 minutes.

Ty: How about 5 minutes? *Takes off running for his room*