Demon Sitting

Superman’s first cotton candy encounter. He’s basically making out with it. Its fantastic to watch. He’s getting SOOO big.

Superman’s first cotton candy encounter. He’s basically making out with it. Its fantastic to watch. He’s getting SOOO big.

Feeling a little Gryfindor here today.

Feeling a little Gryfindor here today.

Finding yourself listening (and singing along to) the kids’ music long after the get out of the car…


And annoying your wife singing Daniel Tiger when it’s randomly stuck in your head

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I need a kid break!

Its been three weeks since I had a day without children. This might not be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that Superman was sick that whole time, I had a ear infection in that span of time, and Mom’s had two seizures in that span of time. I need a break. I need a weekend off. Or at least be allowed to sleep until 10AM, spend the day in my PJs, and just MAYBE get caught up on the dishes. I don’t think we have any clean silverware left at my house. 

Last week Kayley asked me if I’d let her watch Titanic. I said I would if her parents said it was okay. I know I was about her age when I watched it but that was the torture of an older cousin while on vacation on a house boat. I spent that whole trip convinced we were suddenly going to sink and die. Not to mention Titanic has some language and nudity that I’d rather not be blamed for subjecting her to. 

So over the weekend she asked Mimi and the two baked brownies and watched Titanic. The following is the conversation we had when Kayley got home from school.

Kayley: SAAAARAAAAH!!! *she screams bursting in the front door.*

Me: Be glad your brother isn’t taking a nap because I’d have to beat you.

Kayley: Guess what!

Me: The mother ship has come to take me home?

Kayley: No, I don’t think they’re ever coming back for you. I got to watch Titanic this weekend.

Me: Yea? Daddy let you? Did you like it?

Kayley: No, Mimi. We made brownies and watched it. It was two whole discs! I think I’m in love with Leonardo Di Vinci. 

Me: Di Caprio and after Titanic many many girls were. He Jack Dawson had buckets of charm.

Kayley: Yup! Why didn’t you tell me there were boobs in it? There were lots of boobs! I’ve never seen so many boobs.

Me: I told you it had stuff I didn’t know if Mommy and Daddy wanted you to see yet. But yeah there were boobs, aren’t any boobs more boobs than you’ve seen?

Kayley: No I’ve seen Mommy’s. Rose’s were prettier. 

Me: Her boobs were prettier than Mommy’s? *not even sure I want her to explain to me how she came to this conclusion.*

Kayley: Yeah, Rose had little boobs and they were all white like that china doll your mom bought me. Mommy’s aren’t like that. Her’s have been sunburned!

Me: So what’d you think of the ship? 

Kayley: It was pretty cool. I liked their dresses and stuff. 

Hello rainy Monday morning postDaddyweekend. Look I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. I’m trusting you to be a good day. So try not to utterly crush me. It was a short weekend and I’m not capable of handling a lot of meltdowns and attitude. Not without losing my cool. So behave? Please?

“No! Don’t put your feet in it!”
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