Demon Sitting

Did kayley’s hair this morning.

Ty: Chicken doesn't come from chickens! *offended by what Mulan is implying*

Me: Yes, it does.

Ty: No! It doesn't!

Me: Then where does it come from?

Ty: Kroger, duh!

Took the kids to see Dragons 2 today

Hiccup takes off his helmet.

Kayley: Wow...just wow.

Me: What?

Kayley: He grew up really good.

Me: He's way too old and animated for you.

Kayley: I'll be a cartoon.

“Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay.”
— Anonymous (via petitedino)

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Wizard Tracks

Ty: look! Wizard tracks!

Me: what?

Ty points out holes in the mud from a walking stick: see? From the old wizard guy's walking stick! What was his name? He has a white horse. Grandpa?

Me: Gandalf?

Ty: yeah! He's been here!

Long Daddy weekend means looooong nanny week.

Thirty minutes in we’ve already had several fights and two timeouts.

Always A Nanny


Going out to lunch with friends and getting a bunch of napkins just in case and cleaning spills off the table with lightening speed.

It’s ok to be selfish


You have to take care of yourself once in a while. Especially if you take care of others for a living.